Project Awesome

In Sunday School, we are exploring how to make our congregation more awesome.  A lot of fantastic ideas have been contributed, but my favorite are the ideas on pastoral care.

I think this is the most vital and rewarding place to work.  How can we let other people know how important and loved they are?  What can we do to strengthen the relationships in our community?

This week, we discussed how to best reach out to people when they are absent.  Should we call them?  Send them an email?  Is it better if they are contacted by a friend or multiple people?

What about people who have been gone for a long time?  Months?  Years?  Should we contact them?  I loved the responses here.  Sending them information to let them know what’s currently going on at church.  Updating the website so that they can have a reference to look at.  Sending a survey to see what they are interested in.  Having people who knew them give them a call.

Anyway, exciting stuff is going on and I’m looking forward to seeing the new programs and ideas that will result of this project.  I hope we can harness the momentum and become a really awesome community.