Take Care of Yourself!

This week. a zen monk told me to take care of myself…  Because it is an important part of my practice.  This is the part of Buddhism, that I find fascinating.  They believe you can become a better person, and you should practice this.  And there are some things that you might need to practice in life, like being nice, or taking care of yourself. That will help you in your journey.

So, this week was tough.  I started the week with a cold.  And as I began to feel better, we received a phone call from the kids birth family saying the kids’ brother was dying in the hospital.  In Chicago.

So, what could we do, we took the kids out of school and drove across Illinois to see him.  He looked terrible.  Very sick.  I feel confident that he is still fighting, and young, and stubborn.  I hope he pulls through this soon.

And, it was good.  The kids got to meet him again.  It’s been at least 7 years since they had seen him before.  I got to see my son struggle to find something comforting to say, something encouraging, to tell him that he hopes he will be better and that he is praying for him.

And now, we will take care of ourselves.  Sleep last night, was so valuable.  Today we are relaxing at the library, our favorite things.  🙂

How are you taking care of yourself today?

Red Ribbon