Monsters and Fear

When I was growing up, there was this book my Dad would read called The Monster at the End of the Book.  It was funny and about fear.  It was about how we are often afraid of something happening when we don’t have all the facts.

I’ve been told that most of our pain happens when we are not living in the present.  Most of the time we feel pain it’s because we are worrying about the future or because we are having regret about the past.

There is a quote by Mark Twain:

I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life.  Some of which actually happened.

I think fear naturally amplifies the worst possibilities.  This week, it played out at home.  T was worried all weekend that the kids at school would not like his new haircut.  But, today he had a great day, and they said nice haircut.

In the story, Grover tries to keep from getting to the end of the book where the monster is and finds out that he is the monster at the end of the book.

So, we should strive to be less worried and afraid and take life as it comes.  :)Mon


The grass is greener where you water it….

Synchronicity – My definition is when you have a lesson to learn, so it keeps coming up in life repeatedly until you finally take a hint.

The lesson in my life right now is Relationships take a lot of work.

There is a song by Justin Bieber of the radio right now, with these lyrics:

But the grass ain’t always greener on the other side,
It’s green where you water it

That struck a chord for me.  I’ve never been especially good at taking care of my friendships and relationships.  They exist and I like them, but learning to take the totally required steps to be a friend instead of just being friendly is an area that still needs growth.

Taking a minute to call someone, or complement them, or bake them cookies.  Or at home, to spend the time interacting with family members, or giving backrubs.

It’s easy to be lazy in relationships, but the rewards of a healthy relationship make life awesome.

Another song, that has a similar message, that I love, can be found here.  🙂

The Joy of McDonalds!

Ok, as a parent, I know fast food is not healthy.  French fries and soda have to be way up there on the list of things that should not be eaten.

But, my kids received gift cards for Christmas and were dying to go spend their loot!  Thursday night, we took a field trip to McDonalds and I have to admit that it was a really good experience.

My son ordered two happy meals.  I told him he could just get one and an extra sandwich, but it was his money, so whatever.  He was so excited to have 2 toys, and 2 sodas, and 2 containers of fries.  He still had money leftover to get 3 cookies.

But, there was another family.  A family that reminded me of my childhood, there were 4 kids.  They were so friendly and rambunctious.  The kind of kids I can let my kids play with without fear that they will tattle because my kids were jumping and bumped into them and they fell down.  The kind of kids that you keep one eye on because the combination of them and your kids has the potential to have someone trying to climb the outside of the playground and having to make an emergency room visit.  You know, kids that enjoy life fully and are not afraid to have fun.

They reminded me of my childhood because there were so many little kids, because they were pretty frugal.  No happy meals for these kids, instead large orders of fries they could share.  And they were home-schooled just like I was when I was their age.

The kids had a blast playing with them.  We learned that one boy was so excited to get a checkers set for Christmas.  We learned that another really liked the happy meal toys and wanted to play with them.  My son showed incredible generocity, not only sharing his cookies and letting them play with his toys, but he also gave away one of his toys to one of the boys.

As a parent, when your kid surprises you with his ability to be compassionate, that is the best thing ever.  🙂

Take Care of Yourself!

This week. a zen monk told me to take care of myself…  Because it is an important part of my practice.  This is the part of Buddhism, that I find fascinating.  They believe you can become a better person, and you should practice this.  And there are some things that you might need to practice in life, like being nice, or taking care of yourself. That will help you in your journey.

So, this week was tough.  I started the week with a cold.  And as I began to feel better, we received a phone call from the kids birth family saying the kids’ brother was dying in the hospital.  In Chicago.

So, what could we do, we took the kids out of school and drove across Illinois to see him.  He looked terrible.  Very sick.  I feel confident that he is still fighting, and young, and stubborn.  I hope he pulls through this soon.

And, it was good.  The kids got to meet him again.  It’s been at least 7 years since they had seen him before.  I got to see my son struggle to find something comforting to say, something encouraging, to tell him that he hopes he will be better and that he is praying for him.

And now, we will take care of ourselves.  Sleep last night, was so valuable.  Today we are relaxing at the library, our favorite things.  🙂

How are you taking care of yourself today?

Red Ribbon


Exposing the real you, being vulnerable, honesty…

I found this song today, that talks about the freedom of exposing yourself to a friend and having them love you.  Love the actual you, without the masks we wear to hide ourselves.

I have a few friends that I feel loved enough to let down my walls, my guard, my mask, my protection and to just be me.  To just be.

When I became a parent, I struggled with feeling so alone.  Wanting everyone else to think I had everything together and not letting them know about the things I was struggling with.  Since then, I’ve learned how valuable friends are and if you let people inside your life, they encourage you, love you, and help you succeed.

When have you let someone know YOU?  How did it work out?

Making Someone’s Day

This week, my daughter REALLY wanted a sandwich to take with her on a field trip.  But, not just any sandwich, a pizza sub from subway.  With pepperoni, cheddar cheese, on flat-bread and toasted.  And chips.  She had $20 she received for her birthday.  She would pay for it herself.

She called me in tears because she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to have it, since noone was there to take her to the store.  But, super parent to the rescue, I picked up her sandwich and chips and her day was made.

She also has her first email account, and the first email she ever sent said…”thanks a lot. love you. thanks for the sandwhich. 😛  :)”

Best Parent Evah!

My New Necklace

Today, my daughter gave me a necklace she had made with pony beads.  She had used every color she had to make the necklace.  She had worked diligently and tied it together.  I was preaching the sermon today at church and she insisted I wear it, since she had wanted me to have a nice necklace to wear.  lol.

I am glad that she is giving and thinking about others.  I’m also glad that the bead colors she has did not clash with my outfit.  😀
  Sometimes accepting a gift graciously is also a form of generosity.