It’s Easter!

It’s a time of new life.  We were hit with a snow storm last weekend and the grounds were blanketed with snow.  This weekend is Easter and the patches of snow are mostly melted away.  The flowers are coming up and the spring may have finally arrived.

This week I  met a 94 year old lady, who had just learned to read this year.  She shared how lucky kids are to get an education.  She shared about the challenges she had growing up and working hard for low pay.  She worked in a chicken factory taking off the feathers.  But, more, she showed how important it is to keep listening to where God is leading you and listen to him and to keep learning.  Because even at 94, she was not too old to learn something and change for the better.

How are you bringing newness into your life?  What new thing should you learn this year?

Have a Happy Easter!