Chili Time

It’s fall! The trees are gorgeous, the air smells colder, Halloween is over, we are officially moving toward winter. Which means it is time to eat one of my favorite foods, CHILI!

So what is your secret ingredient? What is the best chili recipe? Do you like it spicy? sweet? with lots of cheese and fritos?



It’s Easter!

It’s a time of new life.  We were hit with a snow storm last weekend and the grounds were blanketed with snow.  This weekend is Easter and the patches of snow are mostly melted away.  The flowers are coming up and the spring may have finally arrived.

This week I  met a 94 year old lady, who had just learned to read this year.  She shared how lucky kids are to get an education.  She shared about the challenges she had growing up and working hard for low pay.  She worked in a chicken factory taking off the feathers.  But, more, she showed how important it is to keep listening to where God is leading you and listen to him and to keep learning.  Because even at 94, she was not too old to learn something and change for the better.

How are you bringing newness into your life?  What new thing should you learn this year?

Have a Happy Easter!

Project Awesome

In Sunday School, we are exploring how to make our congregation more awesome.  A lot of fantastic ideas have been contributed, but my favorite are the ideas on pastoral care.

I think this is the most vital and rewarding place to work.  How can we let other people know how important and loved they are?  What can we do to strengthen the relationships in our community?

This week, we discussed how to best reach out to people when they are absent.  Should we call them?  Send them an email?  Is it better if they are contacted by a friend or multiple people?

What about people who have been gone for a long time?  Months?  Years?  Should we contact them?  I loved the responses here.  Sending them information to let them know what’s currently going on at church.  Updating the website so that they can have a reference to look at.  Sending a survey to see what they are interested in.  Having people who knew them give them a call.

Anyway, exciting stuff is going on and I’m looking forward to seeing the new programs and ideas that will result of this project.  I hope we can harness the momentum and become a really awesome community.

The grass is greener where you water it….

Synchronicity – My definition is when you have a lesson to learn, so it keeps coming up in life repeatedly until you finally take a hint.

The lesson in my life right now is Relationships take a lot of work.

There is a song by Justin Bieber of the radio right now, with these lyrics:

But the grass ain’t always greener on the other side,
It’s green where you water it

That struck a chord for me.  I’ve never been especially good at taking care of my friendships and relationships.  They exist and I like them, but learning to take the totally required steps to be a friend instead of just being friendly is an area that still needs growth.

Taking a minute to call someone, or complement them, or bake them cookies.  Or at home, to spend the time interacting with family members, or giving backrubs.

It’s easy to be lazy in relationships, but the rewards of a healthy relationship make life awesome.

Another song, that has a similar message, that I love, can be found here.  🙂