Pumpkins and Preparations

This week, I observed and helped with the preparations for Halloween. It’s my son’s favorite holiday. He started thinking about costume ideas last November.

This weekend, he carved a pumpkin. I’ve carved pumpkins before. I pick up the pumpkin, gut it, grab a knife and without any plan begin to cut it and see what happens. It usually looks like a normal child drawn face with triangle eyes and a smiley mouth.

But, my husband and my son were carving the pumpkin this year and they started with a plan. They discussed possibilities, they looked at pictures of cartoon figures, the decided on Pikachu a yellow creature in my son’s comic books, they found pictures online, they modified them so that they would leave enough structure in place that they wouldn’t just have a hole in the middle when they were done. And eventually they began the careful process of transferring the stencil to the pumpkin and cutting on the lines with a knife. Their pumpkin looks amazing!

I think that this lesson can be applied to many aspects of my life. When I don’t have a plan to do the things I know I want and need like eat healthy,  meditate and exercise, they don’t happen. Or if they do happen they happen irregularly and inconsistently.

Taking time to work out schedules and make sure I’m taking time for important things is something I need to do more often. What helps you plan? When you have a plan how has it made a difference?

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